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Conservation Project

At Idea Studio // Idea Innovations we were truly honoured to work on the reconstruction of the Cool Seas area of The Deep Aquarium run by Mr Ben Jones, Director of Husbandry and Exhibition.

Our great passion is delivering and supporting conservation projects, especially sea life and wildlife. This complex project involved creating, filming, programming and delivering the content for the following exhibits: a 10m Immersive Bay wall, large projection mapping on the 5m column display, projection mapping for the curved wall simulating a large Jellyfish tank, projection mapping on a curved wall presenting Seagrass and Oyster conservation, interactive sandpit, set of interactive gesture applications, interactive info displays, interactive conservation area map display, interactive touch educational exhibit, and graphical exhibit info displays.

“IDEA Innovations seamlessly integrates a diverse range of digital disciplines to craft refined audio-visual solutions. Our experience with them, encompassing projects in videography, aerial photography, print, 3D animation, and interactive content, has been nothing short of exceptional. The collaborative approach during both design and delivery, coupled with their unwavering commitment to after-sales support, positions IDEA Innovations as a reliable and top-tier digital contractor in our portfolio. We eagerly anticipate future project collaborations with them, confident in their ability to consistently deliver outstanding results.”

Ben Jones, The Deep, Hull
Director of Husbandry & Exhibition