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2D, 3D Modelling, Rendering & CGI Animation

When it comes to 2D & 3D animations, Idea Innovations // Idea Studio can offer you the finest 2D and 3D production, whether you are looking into product animation, live animation (animals, sea-world), nature, architectural visualisations, or anything that you can imagine, our work is second to none. Just a short preview of our portfolio demonstrates Idea Innovations // Idea Studio 2D & 3D capabilities more than words.

Benefits of 2D Animation, 3D Animation & CGI-Computer-Generated Imagery

The unique benefits of 2D and 3D animation, in addition to CGI, enable us to craft compelling, persuasive, and memorable content that resonates with our target audience, boosts brand awareness, and drives sales and conversions.

  • 2D Animations: Storytelling, Brand Identity, Explainer Videos, Social Media Engagement

    2D animation can effectively convey brand stories, messages, and concepts in a visually engaging and entertaining way. Animated characters or mascots in 2D animations can help create a strong brand identity and enhance brand recognition.2D animations are widely used in explainer videos to simplify complex concepts, products, or services for better audience understanding. Animated content in the form of GIFs, short videos, or animations tends to generate higher engagement on social media platforms.

  • 3D Modelling & Animation: Realism, Product Visualisation, Virtual Tours, Visual Effects, Creative Freedom

    3D animation offers higher realism and detail, making it suitable for showcasing products, environments, and complex visualisations. 3D animations bring products to life, showcasing their features, functionalities, and benefits in a dynamic and visually appealing way. 3D animations can be used to create virtual tours of properties, buildings, or spaces, providing immersive experiences for potential customers. 3D animations allow for stunning visual effects and cinematic experiences, making marketing content more engaging and memorable. With 3D animation, marketers have more flexibility to create unique and imaginative visuals that stand out from competitors.

  • CGI-Computer-Generated Imagery: Realism and Detail, Product Demonstration, Personalisation, Usability

    CGI enables the creation of highly realistic visuals, environments, and products that can captivate audiences and showcase intricate details. CGI can demonstrate products in action, highlighting features, assembly processes, and usage scenarios in a visually compelling way. CGI allows for customisation and personalisation of visuals to cater to specific target audiences or market segments. CGI visuals can be easily adapted for various marketing channels, including websites, social media, advertisements, and presentations. CGI visuals have a timeless quality and can be updated or modified without the need for reshooting or reproducing physical assets, providing long-term value.