Interactive Sandpit - Gesture based interactive digital exhibits

Augmented reality sandbox, interactive gesture applications and interactive games for museums, aquariums, themed parks, and shopping malls.

Interactive Gesture Applications

Interactive gesture applications and interactive games for museums, aquariums, themed parks, and shopping malls.

Interactive Sandpit - Augmented Reality Sandbox

Interactive gesture applications and interactive gesture-based exhibits for museums, aquariums, themed parks, and shopping malls.

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Gesture based interactive digital exhibits

At Idea Innovations // Idea Studio, we have been pioneers in gesture technology since the very beginning. We specialise in creating interactive, gesture-based digital exhibits that are not only fun but also easy to use and intuitive. These exhibits serve as an excellent tool for education and seamless communication of messages, making them ideal for museums, aquariums, zoos, theme parks, and interpretive centres. One of our popular exhibits is the augmented reality sandbox, an interactive gesture-based sandpit.

The AR Sandbox, shown in the images above and below, is 2 meters long and 1 meter wide. It was designed and developed for The Deep Aquarium, located in Hull, England, UK. The Interactive Sandpit application is intended to showcase educational topographic elements, featuring the North Shore of the UK coastline, highlighting specific species, and serving as an educational tool to make children aware of the importance of keeping the coastline clean from plastic and other waste.

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