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Immersive Escapism

The Ragdale Hall SPA & Hotel –Thought Room immersive space, has involved re-creating the space of the old heat room in a new and innovative immersive space to offer Ragdale Hall clients an exceptional experience of relaxation and escapism in different and beautiful sceneries.
Immersive projection spaces are captivating, engaging, and inspiring. An immersive space is built to engage people's perceptions and create environments designed to provide a deep and compelling sensory experience.

At Idea Innovations// Idea Studio on this project, we have created and delivered everything from the start to completion of this project, from creative solutions, concept ideas, creative concept 3D visuals of the Thought Room, selection of the filming sceneries, test filming, selected location filming, drone filming, film and CGI production, projection mapping and development of the immersive experience.

Before & After Immersive 360 Installation

We specialise in transforming mundane or worn-out spaces into extraordinary immersive environments.