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18 Years of Creative Production
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Immersive Art

Idea Innovations // Idea Studio has collaborated with ImaginArt, VNS GeoBox, and Visual Displays to create exceptional immersive experiences for CM Malaga -Culture & Museum, an international tech forum. Our deep passion for immersive art and historical storytelling drives us to utilise immersive spaces. We firmly believe that immersive technology and projection mapping represent our present and future, breathing life into history, art, and the world of nature within any setting, making museums, art galleries, aquariums, etc. exciting, innovative and inspiring. With boundless creative possibilities, our imagination and inspiration have no limits. This is just a glimpse of our extensive capabilities.

At Idea Innovations// Idea Studio for this project, we have created and delivered creative and concept ideas, creative concept of the immersive room, we have done all the location filming, drone filming, 3D modelling, CGI production, and development of the entire immersive experience content.

Immersive Nature

Ideal for conservation projects, aquariums and zoos to raise awareness and present species without holding them in captivity, for hotels & SPAS to create additional offers, relaxation zones, busy offices where green oases can help with the well-being of the employees, busy shopping centres to make them more welcoming and calming.